Basic Configuration Category


Can be used to redirect commands, such as making !listgroup call the !listgroups command. Useful for making shortcuts.

Example: !setconfig basic.aliases kawaii pick cute sets an alias mapping !kawaii arg1... to !pick cute arg1..., preserving all arguments that are passed to the alias.


This allows you to designate a particular channel to point users if they are trying to run too many commands at once. Usually this channel will also be included in basic.freechannels. Again, this is for bot commands, not general spamming!


Determines the SINGLE ASCII CHARACTER prefix used to denote bot commands. You can't set it to an emoji or any weird foreign character. The default is !. If this is set to an invalid value, it defaults to !.


This is a list of all channels that are exempt from bot command rate limiting. Usually set to the dedicated #botabuse channel in a server. Does NOT affect anti-spam! To exclude anti-spam from a channel, use !setconfig modules.channels spam ! #yourchannel.


If true, the bot won't display an error if a nonsensical command is used. This helps reduce confusion with other bots that use the same prefix.


If true, the collections on this server will be importable into another server.


If true, processes messages from other bots and allows them to run commands. Bots can never trigger anti-spam. Defaults to false.


This should be a role with all permissions that the everyone role would normally have. You shouldn't touch this value, use the !SetMemberRole command to manage it instead.


This should point at the hidden moderator channel, or whatever channel moderates want to be notified on.


This is intended to point at a moderator role shared by all admins and moderators of the server for notification purposes.


This should be a role with no permissions, so the bot can quarantine potential spammers without banning them. The bot usually manages this role for you, so you should almost never touch this value.