Bored Module

After the chat is inactive for a given amount of time, chooses a random action from the bored.commands configuration option to run, such posting a link from the bored collection or throwing an item from the bucket. To set what channels this module operates on, use !setconfig modules.channels bored #channel1 #channel2.... To set the list of bored commands, use !setconfig bored.commands "!command1" "!command2 arg"....



This determines what commands will be run when nothing has been said in a channel for a while. One command will be chosen from this list at random.

Example: !setconfig bored.commands !drop "!pick bored"


The bored cooldown timer, in seconds. This is the length of time a channel must be inactive before a bored message is posted.


The exponential increase in time between bored posts if no one other than the bot is posting. A value of about 1.41 doubles the amount of time between bored posts until someone else says something. Defaults to 1, which means no increase. The actual formula is (2^n + n).