Configuration Module

Manages the configuration file.


!setconfig [[parameter] [value]] [[list parameter] [value]]... [[map parameter] [key] [value]] [[maplist parameter] [key] [value]]...

Sets a configuration value of the format Collection.Parameter, possibly involving a key or multiple values, depending on the type of configuration parameter. Will only save the new configuration if it succeeds, and returns the new value upon success. To set lists of values with spaces in them, surround them with quotes, "like this" "and this". Don't use quotes on single values or key/value parameters, because the quotes won't be removed. To delete a value, set it to nothing.

[parameter] [value]

(optional) Attempts to set the configuration value matching [parameter] (not case-sensitive) to [value]. Don't use quotes for these parameters, even if they have spaces.

[list parameter] [value]

(optional) If the parameter is a list, it will accept multiple new values. For these parameters, you must use quotes on values that have spaces.

[map parameter] [key] [value]

(optional) If the parameter is a map, it will accept two values: the first is the key, and the second is the value of that key. The key, if it has spaces, must have quotes. The value should not have quotes, even if it has spaces.

[maplist parameter] [key] [value]

(optional) If the parameter is a maplist, the first value is the key, and all other values make up the list of values that key is set to. The key and all the values must have quotes if they have spaces in them.


!getconfig [option] [map key]

Displays a list of available configuration options or their values.


(optional) The configuration option to display. Use Help.Rules to specify a config option in a category. If this is just a category, like Basic, lists help information for all config options in that category.

map key

(optional) If the option is a map, this determines the particular key to display. For example: !getconfig Help.Rules 1 will return rule 1 in the rules map.


!setup <Moderator Role> <Mod Channel> [Log Channel] [Member Role]

Sets up Sweetie Bot on this server and restricts all sensitive commands to Moderator Role.

Moderator Role

A role shared by all moderators. It is used to alert moderators and also allows the moderators to bypass command restrictions imposed by certain modules.

Mod Channel

Whatever channel the moderators would like to receive notifications on, such as potential raids, spammers being silenced, etc.

Log Channel

(optional) An optional channel that receives log messages about errors and initialization. Usually this channel is only visible to the bot and the moderators.

Member Role

(optional) If you have an existing role that all users are assigned to, provide it here. Otherwise, the bot will create a new role called "Member" that it will assign to all users. If you don't want to use this feature, provide ! here.


!setmemberrole [member role]

Sets the member role and adds it to all the users before removing all permissions from the everyone role. If an existing role is specified, skips over members that already have it.

member role

(optional) An existing role to use as the "member role". If not specified, the bot generates a role called "Member".