Information Module

Contains commands for getting information about the bot, commands, or the server the bot is in.



If true, !rules -1 will display a rule at index -1, but !rules will not. This is useful for joke rules or additional rules that newcomers don't need to know about.


Contains a list of numbered rules. The numbers do not need to be contiguous, and can be negative.


!help [command/module]

Lists all available commands Sweetie Bot knows, or gives information about the given command. Of course, you should have figured this out by now, since you just typed !help help for some reason.


(optional) The command or module to display help for. You do not need to include a command's parent module, just the command name itself.



Displays information about Sweetie Bot. What, did you think it would do something else?


!rules [index]

Lists all the rules in this server, or displays the specific rule requested, if it exists. Rules can be set using !setconfig rules 1 this is a rule


(optional) Index of the rule to display. If omitted, displays all rules.


!changelog [version]

Displays the given changelog for Sweetie Bot. If no version is given, lists all versions with a changelog.


(optional) A version in the format Use "current" for the most recent version.