Markov Module

Generates content using markov chains.



Number of lines for the markov chain to spawn when not given a line count.


Maximum number of lines the !episodequote command can be given.


This is the maximum number of lines a response can be before its automatically sent as a PM to avoid cluttering the chat. Default: 5


Use member names instead of random pony names.


!episodegen [lines]

Randomly generates a my little pony episode using a markov chain, up to a maximum line count of lines.


(optional) Number of dialogue lines to generate


!episodequote [S0E00:000-000|action|speech|"Character Name"]

If the S0E00:000-000 format is used, returns all the lines from the given season and episode, between the starting and ending line numbers (inclusive). Returns a maximum of 30 lines, but a line count above 5 will be sent in a private message.

If "action" is specified, returns a random action quote from the show.

If "speech" is specified, returns a random quote from one of the characters in the show.

If a "Character Name" is specified, it attempts to quote a random line from the show spoken by that character. If the character can't be found, returns an error. The character name doesn't have to be in quotes unless it has spaces in it, but you must specify the entire name.

If no arguments are specified, quotes a completely random line from the show.

S0E00:000-000|action|speech|"Character Name"

(optional) Example: !quote S4E22:7-14


!ship [first] [second]

Generates a random pairing of ponies. If a first or second argument is supplied, uses those names instead.


(optional) The first name in the ship.


(optional) The second name in the ship.